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Thread: Hope I dont ruffle any tailfeathers with posting this here...

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    Default Hope I dont ruffle any tailfeathers with posting this here...

    I know there is a 2A section down below, but dont think it gets the day to day traffic that a local bill such as this warrants for consideration. If it absolutely must be posted in the 2A section and I was wrong to post it here, please move it. (fingers crossed hoping lots of guys read it before you move it!)

    (from the NRA-ILA website):

    Important Alaska Self-Defense Reform Needs Your Help!

    Please Contact Your State Legislators!

    House Bill 381, an important self-defense reform measure, is currently on the move in Juneau. With just three weeks in the legislative session remaining, it is imperative that you stand up and make your voice heard in support of this legislation.

    Simply stated, HB381, introduced by State Representative Mark Neuman (R-15), would remove the duty to retreat in Alaska. Under this bill, Alaskans would have the right to use force, including deadly force, for self-defense anywhere they have a right to be.

    Please contact your State Representative and your State Senator TODAY and respectfully urge them to support HB381.

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    Full text of HB381

    Full text of HB381 as reviewed by the judiciary committee

    After reviewing the first link (whole bill) it does not remove the duty to retreat only adds to the types of places where you don't have to retreat. It clearly states if you know that you and everyone else are safe then you can't use deadly force.

    For consideration
    Knife swinging looser in the middle of a parking lot. Everyone can clearly see him standing there going nuts. You and everyone else are technically safe as long as they stay away from this guy. You can hold him at gun point for the cops, or you can leave. You don't have to leave since you have a right to be there, but you don't have the right to shoot this guy since everyone can be reasonably determined to be safe. However, if he runs at you swinging the knife you can stand there and shoot him once you determine that you are no longer safe.

    Whats funny is that this is already stablished in AK case law based on what I was told in my CCW class. This bill will just put it in code.

    The second part of the bill will not be passed since it touches on evidence. That is for the courts to play with.


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