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Thread: Some flies for grayling.

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    Default Some flies for grayling.

    I've been playing around with some moose hair I was given a few years ago.

    This is a #18 generic dry. Moose tail and body with grizzly hackle.

    This is a Moose hair caddis with a underwing of 0.5mm Razor foam. Dubbed with muskrat under the underwing. Size #20. My first fly ever on a #20 hook.

    This is my favorite caddis variation. I tie it in as many colors as I can. This is the first gray and brown color pattern I've tried.
    Its on a #16 curved hook (200R equivalent). Muskrat dubbing, Razor foam underwing, Moose overwing, and two grizzly hackles.
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    Thumbs up Great ties

    Nicely done!

    I can see why you like that caddis variant... that's a sweet looking fly.

    And congrats on your first size 20 - now you just need a 20 inch fish to go with it.
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    don't limit yourself to grayling with those
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