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Thread: self bailing IK questions

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    Default self bailing IK questions

    I used a self bailer (AIRE super lynx II) this weekend for the first time, and have a couple questions for you guys who have some experience with these boats.

    First, are waders or a drysuit needed, or is it possible to use a self bailer without getting wet? Has anyone tried elevating the seats with foam or something to eliminate the wet butt problem?

    Second, how much do you inflate these boats? I inflated untill the tubes were pretty stiff, and the electric pump started bleeding off pressure, but the rear seat was sagging in the water. Do I need to top off the air with a hand pump or something? Is there a pressure gauge or something that I should be using?

    Any help you can offer is apreciated, thanks.

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    Default air pressure

    I blow my Lynx I up till I can barely push the tube inwards with my thumb. I can stand my boat up on the pointed ends, and it can withstand the weight, without the fabric buckling. The last bit really makes the boats ridged, and much faster

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    Yes on the electric pumps. They are great but to finish you need to do it with a hand pump. I like the K-pump it will top it off nice and firm.

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    Default Bandit 2

    I have a Bandit 2, they said when I bought it that you shouldn't get wet, well that's crap! I tried extra high foam padding but it doesn't work, I pump it up like a rock but nope, still wet. Wadders are the only answer, I actually use mine more on vacations than here in Alaska just for this reason. Yeah, I'm disappointed because of the water issue.

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    I can sit in my Lynx 1 in calm water and not get wet. The seat is above the water line as long as I have the floor blown tight. I am not a lightweight either. The floor has a high pressure relief valve, so if you put too much air in it you will hear it groan while bleeding off the excess.

    However, I have never actually paddled as IK without getting wet. Every little wave will come over the bow, and rocking back & forth gets you but wet, and water drips from the paddle too. If the water is rough plan on getting a lap full every time you hit something. It's the nature of the beast. If the water's warm, it's not a big issue, but in Alaska it almost always is.

    I have used chest waders, and they work fine, but you may not want to swim in class III water with them after they fill up. I have also used rain pants, but make sure the fly is water tight, and they have elastic cuffs to keep the water from blowing in. By far the best thing to wear in less than warm water AND air conditions is a drysuit.

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    Thanks for the input guys. Next time out we'll defenitely top off the inflation by hand and see if that helps.

    Hopefully we can find a seating set up that will stay dry, but I gotta say you guys don't give me much hope for that.

    This boat is my dad's new toy for his camper, and neither of us had a clue what we were doing setting up. Unfortunately if we can't figure out a dry ride without needing waders there's no way my mom is aproving of this boat. Maybe I'll just recomend one of those skin-on-frame canoes for him and see If I can buy his IK on the cheap.

    Thanks again, and keep the seating advice coming if you have any tips to share.

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    I'll second that it is utterly essential to finish off with a hand pump. We have a fleet of Lynx I's, II's, two Aire rafts and a Grabner inflatable sea kayak.

    I weigh 150lbs, and I don't get a wet butt from SITTING in the Lynx I, let alone the II. But as Jim S says - I get a wet everything from PADDLING in it! I almost always wear a dry suit; my wife prefers her Farmer Jane.

    Where in tarnation are you that you were paddling a week ago? Our rivers are still quite white and solid.......


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