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Thread: what kind of boat for the stoney river, ak area?

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    Default what kind of boat for the stoney river, ak area?

    Ok, anyone know how deep the stoney river is? what other rivers I can hook up to? and importantly, how far up the creeks, sloughs and lakes can i go from the stoney river?

    looks like a jet or go-devil would be great...i ran a godevil at 2 gls per hour and loved it...looks like that the stoney river would not have as big a waves as the Yukon, so, a godevil might be great there....
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    I have been up the river north of Lime Village. It is very shallow, tight and "stoney". I would recommend a jet boat or air boat for sure

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    In all depends what you're wanting to do.Local people run anything from a 16-20 foot flatbottom with 25-100 hp. I've ran a Woolridge w/outboard all up and down the Kuskokwim with no problems. We did use the jet foot to go farther up the Stony as well as the Swift.
    Yes, a jet boat will do everything you want and then some. But, keep in mind that the gas prices up there may be around $8/gallon.
    What are you going to be mainly using the boat for?


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