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Thread: Ever heard of a biodegradable chum bomb?

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    Arrow Ever heard of a biodegradable chum bomb?

    I had posted this on another thread, but wanted to get some input on what you guys thought of this...

    Here's an off-the-wall idea that you guys might be interested in. Have you ever heard of a biodegradable chum bomb?

    This is what you'll need to make one:

    1. A few rocks that are slightly smaller than your fist.
    2. Mashed up chum in a pourable container
    3. One small container (I use disposable tupperware, 3" deep, 4" wide, 6" long).
    4. Brown paper bags
    5. Brown twine from hardware store

    Here's how you build it:

    1. Put two of the rocks into empty container
    2. Pour chum slurry over the rocks and fill container just shy of the top
    3. Put in freezer, freeze until solid.
    4. Take frozen block out of container, place in paper bag.
    5. Tie off paper bag with brown twine
    6. Place back in freezer until ready to use

    Here's how you use it:

    1. Find a good fishing hole and anchor up.
    2. Once your anchor sets and boat stops moving, drop a chum bomb over board.
    3. Wait for the fish to come!

    This method will put your chum field directly under the boat and is totally biodegradable. This is easy and works great. Give it a try, and if you like it, throw me a rep point!

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    I've been on a number of charters where they've done something similar, but even simpler. They'll wrap their herring scraps in a few sheets of newspaper and then lower it down to the bottom using a halibut rod and 20 oz weight. Just above the weight, they'd wrap the line from the fishing rod around the package in a way that is kind of like how you'd tie thin ribbon around a christmas present (around one way, then cross and go around again perpindicularly)...when it gets to the bottom they give the rod a few good jerks and the line cuts thru the wet paper and "detonates" the bomb.

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    Default Sand from Shore --Couple other versions

    If you ever see someone at one of fish cleaning stations grinding up fish parts this may be what they are going to use the grind for:

    Shore/surf Fishing
    Take a bucket of sand home, mix a hand full of sand with herring mash, small sized fish pieces parts, press into a softball size sphere, place a piece of twine in the ball, freeze. At the beach either toss the balls into the surf or tie off to your line, cast, and the ball melts releasing chum near your hook. As it melts slowly, sit back, relax, you might be surprised as to how well this works.

    Deep Drop
    Press (to reduce liquid) fish parts, rock(s) for weight, and twine piece into a plastic container, tail of twin hangs outside lid, freeze. Take containers in yr cooler, on the water, pop out the fish brick, tie brick twine to life saver, life saver to your line, drop to deep bottom, fish hooks up, chum ball drops off/breaks off life saver and now its just you and the lead weight. Chum, rocks stay on bottom, if you check yr bait easy retrieve from the deep lead ball, just a few ounces to hold line down.

    Another version is to freeze the mash and rocks into a piece of pvc pipe, tie the pipe onto yr line and, once on the bottom, the mash and rocks melt out over time. In Florida, some guys leave the pvc pipe on the bottom, too.

    When yr on to some bottom fish, use these chum bricks and things just might start happening....and the chum bait is free, too. I like the price.

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    The problem I see with the "unguided bomb" is that with any apreciable current your bomb isn't going to land directly under the boat.

    I'd say you are best off hooking the chumb bag on the anchor line if anchoring, or use a spare rod to guide the bomb down if you are drifting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul H View Post
    The problem I see with the "unguided bomb" is that with any apreciable current your bomb isn't going to land directly under the boat.

    I'd say you are best off hooking the chumb bag on the anchor line if anchoring, or use a spare rod to guide the bomb down if you are drifting.
    I agree with you. Besides a big Halibut can carry you chum block away. I have a heavy mesh bag I got from K G S in Homer that I clip to my anchor chain. When I pull the anchor I unclip the bag and dump what remains, rinse it and it is ready for the next trip.

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    I think the whole idea is to have a big halibut come and eat it. Then it's game on! My buddy does something similar to this, and it works well. He'll freeze some nasty stuff solid, with some big rocks in the middle. Then on the way out salmon fishing he'll toss it overboard on his spot, and go salmon fishing. It'll thaw out during the day releasing a killer scent trail to draw in halibut to the area. On his way in from salmon fishing, he'll catch his two halibut in two drops at that spot. He swears by it.

    It would be interesting to attach a light trout pole's line to the "bomb" just to see where it actually lands. Once it hits the bottom, see where it's at and bust the line. But, as long as you are drawing 'buts to the area, it's all good. They'll come from over a mile away if you have a good scent trail.

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    I agree i think with the current and other factors youll have a hard time getting it under the boat.
    I use the paper bag method, but it can be kinda hard. IF your thinking about a frozen block of chum. Maybe freeze a loop of cotton twine in there and attach it to your anchor


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