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Thread: New squirrel load!

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    Default New squirrel load!

    I recently got a mini mauser in 222. One of the faithful on this forum (Old Ruger) suggested shooting reduced loads in it for squirrels and the like. Since momma highjacked the big screen to watch a tear jerker right in the middle of Larry Weisnuhn rustling up a big moose with a rowing ore I decided to go to the gun room and investigate Old Ruger's suggestion.

    I had a brand new pound of Blue Dot sitting on the shelf and a little research told me that 12 grains of this powder would push a 45 grain bullet out the hole at 2800 fps. Blue Dot is flake powder and ignites easily and burns clean. It only requires 16 inches of barrel for a complete burn. So the 20 inch barrel on the mini mauser is perfect.

    I loaded up a batch and headed to the range. I'll be the first to admit that I am more of a hunter and less of a shooter. You'll not here me brag about little bitty groups very often. Heck the cross hairs jump an inch every time my heart beats on most days. However not on this day. I shot three consecutive 3 shot groups that were <1/2 inch at 100 yards with an old fine cross haired K6 Weaver scope. The little bark that these loads make sounds about like what I remember from my days shooting Hornets and 218 Bees.

    I can hardly wait for squirrel season!

    Thanks Old Ruger for the brainstorm!

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    Sounds awesome. I wrote this load down on my list of loads to try.


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