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Thread: Sunshine, snoeshoes, hares and friends

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    Smile Sunshine, snoeshoes, hares and friends

    We had a day off together and got out to stomp the hillside for some tasty hare. The snow was deep (about 4 feet) and soft and difficult, even with the snoeshoes. We decided to give this new area a try and only invest a little bit of time when right off the bat my buddy shoots his first snoeshoe hare!

    Then another, then another, then another. After 2 hours of digging out of the snow and picking up furry winter bunnies, the packs got heavy and we called it - taking our share of hare.

    Another hour of meticulously cleaning and deboning the meat, left us with dreams of hare curry over rice.

    The weather was picture perfect, the company was never better, and the game cooperated like never before. I love AK!
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    Default Good Day

    Wow - great photos and story!
    Beautiful day and that's quite a spread of hares.
    Looks like you guys did some climbing too.
    Congratulations and thanks for posting this.

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    Awesome, nice photos!


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