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Thread: Baiting experiences in 14b?

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    Default Baiting experiences in 14b?

    Anybody who baits in 14b care to share some of their experiences? Lots of bears, no bears, browns, blacks. I think I have found a spot to bait there but I wanted to hear if there were any reasons not to (few blackies, lots of browns, etc). Thanks.
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    I have a place up in 14b that I've had pretty good success. There are (in my opinion) more blacks then browns. We've had plenty of bears in there every year. The first year was awesome. Have seen very few brown tracks, but I know they're there.
    The down side would be like anywhere else, gettin' a little crowded for my taste. Nobody has impeded me or has used my spot, but in my prowling and "just looking" around, the people/atv tracks in the surrounding areas tells me "things"... I'm thinking about moving it back another 200yds. That should buy me a couple of more years of privacy I think.
    Of course, where I'm at and where your at in 14B could be night and day.

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    I didn't have any hits until after I pulled my bait, new stand though, had blackie tracks all over the area, just not where I needed them to be. It'll probably be the same for me again his yer cause I am planning on moving up the hillside quite a ways, or might just spot and stalk, haven't decided. Got my stuff ready to go though.


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