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    Alright folks, a first time buyer here and very clueless might I add. Thought about it for a while and considered an ATV vs. a boat and i'm leaning towards a good river boat. I know there's quite a difference in terms of price, but I'm looking for something I can get up these Alaskan rivers, through potentially shallow bars & beds... Any advice on makes, models, size, engines, etc. and a good price range of what I should be expecting would be greatly appreciated. Anything over $15K is by far exceeding my price range. Also, most of the use I'll be getting out of it will be fishing, bear baiting, and moose hunting.... don't know if that makes a difference.

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    How many people will you carry, how much load, and how long will the trips be?

    A freighter canoe with a small o/b on a lift has some serious advantages for the hunter, especially getting into places you can't get with a deeper draft boat that you can't drag over real shallow water.

    Then there are the jet boats, jon boats with jet foot attached o/b's, semi v's with jet foot outboards and inboards.

    $ wise you are better off looking at used boats. I'd be more concerned with the condition of the boat and engine than the brand.


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