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Thread: How to keep fiberglass in good shape

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    Default How to keep fiberglass in good shape

    Just a few questions on how to properly keep the fiberglass on the boat in good condition. At the start of the season I wax it and only do this once the whole summer. I go out around 10 times a year, stay out for 2-3 days each trip and put it back on the trailer when done.

    First question is do I need to scrub down the boat each time I go out or do a lot of people just wash it down with fresh water and only do a good wash with scrub down every 3-4 trips out.

    Second, my fiberglass has a little oxidation (a little off white) but still has the smooth surface. Is this an issue I need to fix or just a cosmetic thing.

    Please add any other fiberglass tricks or advice.

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    I let mine go a couple seasons without waxing it, yeah it got a bit chaulky. But once I took the time and waxed it with a buffer/wax all in one, it looked glossy and new again. Stuff is amazing how it just shines right back up again, even if it really gets bad, you would almost think the stuff is live skin!

    I usually hose it off in the yard with a garden hose, then occassionally wash it with soap really good. If it's dry and sunny for the next coming days after a trip I use the soap and go at it, but if it's rainy, the moisture in the air and me hoseing it off kills the salt. When it's a dry sunny day it can look like it's sprinkled with sugar and needs to be cleaned for sure.

    Oxy clean detergent works great, let it sit for a few minutes go clean another part of the boat THEN come back and rinse it off. Oxy works by eating away at stuff so time left on works well, BUT not to long.


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