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Thread: 300 win mag vs 338 win mag

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    Default 300 win mag vs 338 win mag

    the 300 win mag with a good 200gr bullet like nosler partition or swift a frame can brake both shulder of a moose then y do people get 338 win mag not just for moose but bear also. With the 300 win mag u can buy cheep ammo for just 20$ to practice but with the 338 win mag it gows as much as 40$ for non premium bullet. if i reload my own bullet how much wuld it cost me for cheep practice bullets?

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    I think you summed it up pretty well. If you want a "do it all gun" I'd go with the .300 for the reasons you've stated few more, being a long distance shooter and the added recoil. For the guys who don't mind the extra recoil, the .338 are pretty awesome. I'm sure we'll hear from both camps, but one thing's for sure, I haven't seen many $17 boxes of .338s anywhere and I've bought a dozen or so for the .300.


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