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Thread: Valdez or Hope?

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    Default Valdez or Hope?

    My wife and I will be in the Kenai in late July and are looking for shore fishing advice. We are targeting salmon but are not particular about which one. We will not be keeping any fish so even pinks and chum work fine for us. My research shows Hope is a hot spot for pink in even years. What about Valdez, is it also best during even years? Knowing what we are wanting to do, which location would be our best bet?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Valdez is always good for pinks, as the majority of the fish are stocked by a hatchery. Hope is good in odd years as well, just not as good as the even years.


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    Default Hope or Valdez

    Valdez is mainly a ocean fishery with some access from the bank. It's better known for its outstanding ocean silver fishery. I spend a week there every August, but I have a 25ft boat to get around in.

    You can fish Ressurection creek in hope for pinks. Fishing should be really good in July. However, I would not spend more than a day. A good spot to stop on your way down the Kenai peninsula.

    The Kenai river should be good for sockeye salmon fishing if you don't mind combat fishing in most spots.

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    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    End of July the Kenia has very good sockeye (aka reds) fishing. Reds imo are the feistiest of them all with areial leaps and drag ripping runs. It can be crowded but its an experience to say the least.

    On the other hand Valdez is tucked into a scenic bay in the mountains with waterfalls falling from far above along side the road. Glaciers aren't far from the road as well. I would say that both are a must visit IF you plan on putting on some miles. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a 10 hour drive with a lot to take in along the way.

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    Default Valdez

    Yes Valdez is about 5 1/2 hours from Anchorage if you don't get trapped behind a tourist ;D.

    The end of July is prime time for pinks and maybe some silvers. It all depends on how far down the port the fish have traveled. If the fish are on Allison Point then you will have a lot of fun. Bring a medium weight spinning outfit with 15-20 pound test and some Pixie spoons. Might want to wait on the spoons until you get here. A little more expensive but you will know the right color to buy at Hook Line and Sinker, first bait store in town. Just ask Larry.

    And yes, it is awesomely beautiful here.

    Hillary moved to NY and I moved out.


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