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Thread: Mid May resurection creek Snow?

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    Default Mid May resurection creek Snow?

    I posted earlier that I was hoping to do a black bear hunt this spring. I prefer spot and stalk hunting to baiting so I was hoping to catch them on south facing slopes. Based on the very helpful input I got, I figured Id go in mid May somewhere along the lines of May 14th-20th.

    Originally thought Id hunt lost lake area, but I hear the snow sticks around till June or July out there. My second choice was to hike in a few miles on the resurrection creek trail on the Cooper landing side then head off the trail and above the treeline. Does anybody have any experience with the snow conditions around there in mid May? Some of the east/west valleys out there seem kind of narrow and Im thinking they may hold snow, but I had my sights set on a few of the wider valleys which I hope will be clear. Im hoping to backpack in camp above the treeline and walk the ridges during the day.

    Should I bring snowshoes along? It looks like I would have to do about a mile of bushwhacking on level ground till I get to the base of the mountain and Im a bit worried that there will still be quite a bit of snow in the shaded pine areas.

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    Snow will probably be somewhere between none & armpit deep. Hard to tell. Snow here in Kenai is almost gone but it was still snowing in the pass this weekend. I've seen snow that was rotten & over waist deep in places in mid May (as I recall) on Fuller Lakes Trail (same elevation & right around the corner), & also seen it pretty scarce. Ridge tops I'd figure snow & bring snow shoes for sure.
    There really is no level ground when you leave the highway on Ressurection trail. You begin climbing (though not super steep) right away.
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    I have done that same thing only a few weeks later. When I did it there was no snow until the top of Devils Pass area unless you were in a very shaded spot, ie creek bed, north face in deep valley. The trail was pretty muddy resembling a creek more than a trail in some spots.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

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    There will likely be snow. My buddy and I went hiking/looking around Cooper Lake during that timeframe (actually it was more like May 6th) and it was still thick with snow. Though we didn't see any bears, we crossed two set of tracks on the way out that weren't there on the way in. Snowshoes would be a good idea. Its a long walk to the mountains from either side. Sounds like a fun trip.


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    How far in did you go before you encountered snow at Cooper lake? Was there snow right at the trailhead or halfway to the lake? How deep?

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    Default what you need to do

    is thorw all your stuff for the hunt (including snowshoes) into the car/truck and drive south on the seward hwy, paying careful attention to what the snow cover looks like on the hillsides. When you reach your jump off area, you should be able to decide to go or not.
    Asking folks to predict the amount of snow and its location to any given trail is an exercise in futility. finalizing your plans on a prediction of snow cover someone gives you here - for the time frame you want to go - is akin to buying a lottery ticket and spending the money before the drawing. If you absolutely have to have a firm date to go - wait until the 3rd-4th week of May or the first week of June.


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