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Thread: Combo Silver/Ptarmigan Trip??

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    Default Combo Silver/Ptarmigan Trip??


    My friend and I would like to put together a combo trip for Ptarmigan and Silvers. We live in Idaho and are experienced hunters with pointing dogs. We are also avid flyfishermen. We have both been to Alaska in the past.

    I wonder if anyone could help with suggestions where to go. We don't need hand holding, but rather we need to be pointed in the right direction.

    We would like to stay somewhere that has ready access to both fishing and hunting.

    We would stay at a lodge if the price was not too steep. We definitely don't want $5000 or more a week flyouts.

    Our plan is for about August 15 for a long week.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. We can exchange the favor by showing you a great chukar hunt if you can get to Idaho.


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    I am no expert on Ptarmigan hunting, but the best Ptarmigan hunting is going to be in the interior... and the problem is that silver fishing isn't all that spectacular there because it's so far from the ocean. I know some great places to fish silvers during that time of year, but Ptarmigan are a long ways away.... I don't know the regs for ptarmigan, but grouse season starts Sept 1. in my part of the country, so I'd assume Ptarmigan season would start around the same time in other parts of the state... so, definitely check the regs. Email or call Mountain View Sports in Anchorage and someone there could probably help you.


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