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Thread: Lighted Noks legal?

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    Default Lighted Noks legal?

    I was on fish and Games website and saw this on there. Is it not legal to use a lumenok or does this only apply with something that illuminates the object your looking at?

    For all BIG game, you may:

    NOT use electronic devices or light attached to the bow, arrow, or arrowhead with the exception of a non-illuminating camera

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    They are specifically identified as being legal in the regs. The rest of your quote above should read "or a lighted nock on the end of the arrow" Check page 20 of the regs

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    I had this same discussion with a bow cert instructor. It specifically states in the regs that lighted nocks are legal for use. He tried to argue that they were not.
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    Thanks. I just wanted to make sure it was legal before I went out in the woods.

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    Unfortunately they do not send the bow cert instructors a yearly update to rules changes. Sometimes things like this slip through the cracks. They were considered illegal up to a few years ago (likely the time the bow cert instructor took his class) and now they are was taught in my instructors class.
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