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Thread: 1987 22ft SeaSport with outboard

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    Default 1987 22ft SeaSport with outboard

    I am considering buying a 87 22ft Sea Sport that has an Armstrong outboard bracket and 225 Merc Optima. My question is.... How does hanging a heavy engine off the stern affect the weight/balance, center of gravity, and sea keeping abilities? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I ran my 22' Sea Sport for 23 years with a 115 Johnson and loved it. I upgraded to a 115 2 stroke Yamaha for the last 5 years and it did well but I believe it could have used a 150 to make it perform better. My motor was mounted on a factory transom so I had to watch the stern weight or I took water onto the hull through the cable access.
    If you have an after market mount on a flat and sealed stern you shouldnt have a problem. Look at the factory maximum recommended horse power and stern load for that boat. You dont want it to stern heavy.
    You have a great boat that will last a lifetime if you treat her right.


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