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Thread: Need advice on carrying raft on top of pick up truck. Rigging, prevent paint damage..

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    Default Need advice on carrying raft on top of pick up truck. Rigging, prevent paint damage..

    I am going to be floating the Upper Kenai a bit this summer. Staying at the Russian River CG so won't be carrying the raft but a few miles each day. It would be convenient to carry my 14' raft (95 lb bucket) on top of the rental truck which is a Ford F-150 king cab. But I am wondering about the best way to do it. Namely, how to rig the raft securely and how to prevent damaging the rental trucks paint. Especially the paint on the roof where the raft will rest. Any ideas on how to best accomplish this? Any suggestions for protective films/materials/etc.. to put on the trucks roof? Thanks for any ideas guys.

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    Default double over

    fold a towel and duct tape it onto the tailgate and roof of your rig. tape it good and lenghtwise into the direction of the wind.

    make sure the vehicle is clean in those area's first. and, if it has a cheap paint job the paint could come off with the removal of the tape and you'll wish you rented a trailer

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    Tilt it in the back like pegger did last year and tie it in.

    Max has trailers as well. That makes the problem disappear.
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    We've used pillows held in place by tension (strong straps) and that always kept the paint job solid and unmarred and never slipped driving on Chena Hot Springs Road (~45mph for 15-30 minutes). I think the towel suggestion is a good one, too.

    I'm thinking about the same stuff as i am looking for a Kenai runner and would rather not buy a trailer just to make shuttles easier.


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