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Thread: WooHoooo, the Wife drew DS

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    Default WooHoooo, the Wife drew DS

    D.S. meaning it "Doesn't Show" sh** yet.

    Would'a said "I" drew--but don't want to jinx myself--oh, hell, maybe I just did by saying I didn't want to! The anxiety is building with all this wait and anticipation of whats to come. Why, oh why, did they ever have to go to once a year? Yes, I can plan much further in advance, but that would require drawing something in the first place. At least before I was able to get my hopes up twice as often, with half the wait time.

    Oh is me! Whatever shall I do? I guess I can go enjoy the liberal bag limits on this year's spring vole season.

    Good luck all.

    Since the World is 2/3 Water and Only 1/3 Land, Figures the Good Lord Intended I Fish More Than I Plow.

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    Default a few more days

    You may have to wait a few more days to find out.


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