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Thread: Kotzebue Gear Rental????

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    Default Kotzebue Gear Rental????

    Northwest Moved out. Whom might be renting camps?

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    Default Camp Gear Kotzebue

    We are flying out with Ram Aviation this fall out of Kotzebue and we are renting all of our camp gear from them in Kotzebue. I'm not sure if your flying out with Ram Aviation or not or if they rent gear to other people or only people that fly out with them. Check it out, maybe they do!

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    Default Gear Rental

    Hi Gous:

    I tried very hard to sell the business as it is a money maker but I could not find anyone in Kotz who wanted to do the work needed to promote the business. Its a shame because my prices were a fraction of what RAM charges and I had a steady stream of great guys to work with each year.

    Its going to be tough but I hope some one is willing to do the work needed and helps you guys out!

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    Translation----> take your own gear.

    Walt, you will be missed in Kotz. Already are it seems.

    OP, I have done several float trips up above Kotz. If you want some ideas on flying your gear up, ins/outs so to speak, shoot me a PM.

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    Default Walt?

    I'm sorry, leave your wife, job And life Get back to Kotz where we belong!

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    Default Gulkana

    Walt, I sent you a PM


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