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Thread: Water filtering system for the remote cabin ..

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    Exclamation Water filtering system for the remote cabin ..

    Ok what type of personal water filters system do you use for the home and what brand ..When i first got up there i a slight case of the let go to the bathroom every 5 mins event from drink the water saight from the tap ..

    As my doctor explained it to me my body was not used to the local water and the effect was the event of the bathroom runs . thank god for babywipes with lotion and that all iam saying on that subect ,,

    but liveing out in the wilderness what type of whole house filtering system are you going with and why with a off grid cabin set up with the water is pumped up from a lake or river system into a 55 gallon or larger type of water stowage system do you run the water filter system from the water comeing to the water barrels for stowage or do you run as it comes off the water barrel for stowage..

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    Hard to beat a "Big Berkey" for drinking water. Not really the whole house kind but for drinking water you cannot drink enough to keep up with it.

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    LOL! thanks God for babywipes---sounds like all your problems are behind you (pardon the pun couldn't resist)
    I wouldn't be getting my water out of any lake or river, unless you boiled it.
    What type of roof do have? You could set up a collection system for rain water.

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    When in doubt I use a Katadyn drip filter system. I haven't used it in years because I don't need to. Since those days the technology has changed. Different contaminants require different solutions, too. Try these guys. Cabin water systems are one of their specialties.


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