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    Default Visiting First time

    My wife & I will be visiting Alaska for the 1st time in May. We will be in Fairbanks 5/25 & 26, at Denali 5/27 & 28, and at Mt. McKInley 5/29. We would like to go fly fishing for the 1st time, so I'm looking for a guide service that can deal with beginners and provide all the equipment. I prefer not to use a "canned excusion" from Princess (want the money to stay w/locals). This is on my wife's bucket list, she wants to fly fish, standing in a clear stream, and hopefully catch something. Can anyone out there recommend some contacts or websites?

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    Default Limited Options for Guides

    I work in the park all summer and can tell you that your options for guided fishing in that part of the state are fairly limited. The rivers and creeks in this area do not get much of a salmon run and do not support the size/numbers of fish that creeks further south do.

    There is one outfit that I know of that will take you fly fishing for grayling however. These are not the biggest fish but they are beautiful and can be fairly plentiful. The other positive about fishing in and around Denali is that no matter where you go it will be beautiful and you will have a good chance to have the entire system to yourself.

    Check out these guys and see what they have to say.
    If you want any more info send me a PM as I know that area pretty well.

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    your timing isn't great but there is probably some trout and grayling fishing around. There are a lot of guide outfits in talkeetna so if you can get there you'll be golden. There might be a guide or two in fairbanks that can take you grayling fishing somewhere, google around for fairbanks fishing guides there used to be a great fly shop in fairbanks but they closed, I'm sure someone on this forum in fairbanks can point you in the right direction. Good luck
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    Default +1 for talkeetna

    It sounds like your trip is on a pretty tight schedule but Talkeetna really is the place to go if you want to get a serious fishing trip in.

    mat-su expeditions or denali anglers are the two I would choose out of Talkeetna. Google their names and you will get their web pages and contacts.

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    You might be able to catch some Arctic Grayling on the Badger Slough in North Pole while you are in town. If I remember right, you may catch a few but it will be towards the end of the "hot" time for fishing it. I think I fished it a couple of times after I got back from a Situk trip and it wasn't nearly as good as the beginning of May.

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    Default Couple of Options

    Well you have a couple of options in Fairbanks one being me 907-460-7758 the two others being Wilderness Enterprises and Grayling Guide Service both are run by first class people this link is to Arctic Grayling Guide Service. Phone is Phone: (907) 479-0479 Jet boat to a location off the Tanana then start your fishing.

    There are places to chase Grayling that time of year around Fairbanks productive fishing early is possible. Grayling spawn in the tribs starting Mid to Late April through mid May then start making there way up the main river. The later in the season the more fish up high in the system as the year goes on. If your expectations are you have listed it should not be to difficult to meet them to include catching a fish ot two.

    You can PM me and I will toss you some more data.


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    I want to thank everyone for responding. I will be contacting a few of you shortly.


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