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Thread: GMU 26B & 26C Question?

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    Default GMU 26B & 26C Question?

    Hello Alaska Hunters & Pilots,
    According to the Alaska Fish & Game Regulations a good portion of GMU 26B, and looks like all of GMU 26C are depicted as “National Preserves or Federal Lands”. Are there any stipulations or restrictions to hunt or land my airplane in these areas? The area I’m mainly concerned about is east of the Canning River and up in its headwaters. Just trying to stay out of trouble, and sometimes that becomes a full time job.



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    Hi James,
    I think you are good to go. That section is in ANWR. As long as you are not doing anything commercially you don't need a permit.
    I will be flying hunters into ANWR this fall, so I am sure I will see you. I will be based at Galbraith Lake. Stop by and have a cup of coffee.
    Jeff Kruse
    Bushwhacker Air


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