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Thread: Castors for wolves?

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    Default Castors for wolves?

    Just wondering is anyone has used beaver castor as a lure for wolves before and if it worked out?

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    I'd say that if you have a few wolf sets out there, use beaver castor in one. I'd use it by a river or creek that has beavers in the area and not up in the mountains. But you never know unless you try it...

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    Wolves love beaver not just the castor. I use the whole things in bait piles and slice the castor oil glands open when putting them on the pile. Beaver is a primary source of food for some wolves in the summer when tasking down the moose and caribou is not as easy for them and they aren't packed up and hunting together as much
    meats meat don't knock it till you try it

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    Lost a jar of castor once. Turns out it had bounced out of the sled. Found it after wolves had dug it up out of the snogo trail.


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