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    Fellow boaters, I have just received my 2010 Vessel Safety check stickers from the Coast Guard. Nice orange color this year. I realize it maybe early for a lot of us but there are a few that are planning on hitting the shrimp opener. If you want a Vessel Safety check for your boat please PM with a phone number, date and time that would work best for you and I will do my best to accommodate. Please keep in mind that if you donít pass there is no penalty. I will just give you a list of items needed to pass and come back once they are acquired. The most common failure items last year were no covers over the battery terminals. Safe boating.

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    Do you have a link for the regs you are going over. I don't want to have you come out, note a bunch of stuff that I could easily have done before hand and then have you come back. If I knew what you were looking for I'd get it done and then have you come by. Save us both some time.

    Thanks for doing this for us. Ohhh, and how are you enjoying that 260 Hewey?

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    Here is a link to a list of the stuff that will be checked

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    Default Howdy Hewey

    Would this be in the Anchorage area?
    What areas of the state do you inspect?

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    I can do Anchorage to the Valley.


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