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Thread: Correction- Su Valley Winter Trail near Susitna Landing Open Lead

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    Default Correction- Su Valley Winter Trail near Susitna Landing Open Lead

    I can't delete the first post about the Deshka X-Over, so I am trying to correction the information I posted yesterday.

    After additional information it turns out the Deshka X-Over is still good coming off of the Susitna on the south end of the overland trail. Bill from Willow Trails Committee just groomed it on Monday. The area where the open lead makes the Su Valley Winter Trail impassable is actually where the trail exits the swamp heading north back onto the Su into Susitna Landing. This is approximately 21 miles from DLOA. The lead presents a problem because it is not a very easy place to get around due to the high bank.
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    Are you talking about this section of trail? Sorry, still learning the names of everything.

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    Lightbulb Yes!

    He is talking about the Deshka SU. Trail about 13 miles up from the Deshka river X-over trail and down about 4 miles from SU Landing.
    This spot might be work aroud by doing a little boon dockin up or down river through the trees. Also the is a trail to the west know as the Kashwitna Knobs or Sec. Line 80 that you can take over about 3 miles a cut up though some nice swamps to Neil Lake Trail and bypass the whole problem!
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