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    A friend of mine bought a 32' fishing boat in seward years ago and asked if I would accompany him & another friend with "sound" experience on a trip to whittier, and I accepted. We took several days getting there, fishing and hiking! He remembered one day of a spot where a guy on a "6 pack" he chartered caught a big halibut. A short time later we set anchor at the "honey hole" and before you know it, two poles are bent over with drags singing! I grabbed the camcorder & filmed the race to the top! My friend's (friend) said a few choice words as his line broke and dashed his hope of landing mr. Big. My friend continued to "fight" his and finally got it near the surface. The hook was barely in it's mouth. He harpooned it and mr. Big 120lb. Halibut went nuts!! My friend shot it in the head with a 44 mag. & it finally expired. Great job! All caught on film!! Ok, now here's the humor..... I made a copy of the tape only when it came to the part where he shoots it( halibut) with his 44 mag., I got the old( dirty harry )film out and" dubbed" in right before the shot,.... "so punk, how many shots did I fire, 5 or 6! Do you feel lucky punk, well do ya"!!...then I cut back to him shooting the halibut, only after the shot goes off, I reversed it and recorded the shot over & over & over ,a total of 12 times . Each time the deafening roar of the 44 mag. & water splashing everywhere!! When he got the film he was hysterically laughing. He always gets it out and shows friends. LS

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    put it on youtube then paste it here....sounds like a good vid.

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    that happnd to me once with a vid. i was filming a bear hunt, and i lost half of it because i forgot to press the record button during the last half of the stalk, missin the kill and everything.....funny how technology screws you over sometimes. good story

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    I caught what turned out to be a chrome buck King salmon that weighed 68 pounds.
    We pulled to shore to take pictures. Mind you this was a guide friend. Well he had the camera. I posed that fish horizontal, vertical and so many pictures were taken I knew this was going to be great to have on my wall.
    He took the camera to a photo shop and said "I don't even want to open the camera" you do it cause Roland would be PO's if these don't come out. Well, the clerk opens the camera and guess what? No film. Man did he have egg on his tie when he told me about it. Funny now but not then.


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