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Thread: 2 up's -which is best

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    Default 2 up's -which is best

    I'm considering purchasing a 2 up ATV, so between the big three that sell them, Bombardier, Arctic Cat and Polaris, which is best? I'm looking for real world experience with the 2 up models only. I'd mainly be using it for hunting, so it must be able to go thru bottomless mud holes, thru tundra, over trees, you know the usual Alaskan trail. I'd like to get an 07" or newer in 550 or above.


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    Default 2 up Wheelin'

    I have an '08 Can Am ( BRP ) 650 Max XT. I take the wife ( ok... SHE takes ME ) and we go all summer long. I bought the Max XT with the idea that I needed something powerful enough for my XXL self and all of my gear when I'm out hunting. But, it turns out that my Princess likes the mud! We go places with the two of us that some of the other ATV'rs are getting stuck plodding through. The Visco lock 4 wheel drive system in combination with the bullet proof, long proven, Rotax engine of Can Am, makes this an ATV well worth the few extra dollars you'll spend. I pulled my entire camp for 4, along with all of my personal hunting gear in my Pac Rat trailer, this past fall. We crossed fast moving rivers, mud holes that were several hundred yards long, and climbed steep, rocky hills without so much as a moment's problem. Needless to say, I'm sold on the Can Am

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    Default $$$$

    You mentioned what you're looking for but you forgot to mention that you have an unrealistic budget of like $6K. So, what you meant to say is that you're looking for something whup ass but CHEAP. Good luck with that.

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    Polaris XP X2 no brainer! Just do whatever 1S1K tells you to do.

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    Default the poop on the Po Po

    Have an '08 Polaris 2up Touring

    The good:
    Has cushiest ride of any stock machine for a passenger. Very comfy seat and good passenger ergos (for an adult). Passenger seat elevated so they can see more than the back of the driver's helmet. Still makes for a long day riding back there with the bumps.
    Efi has proved to start in very cold conditions - even when my two stroke snowgo's wouldn't.
    Add on's were rather simple like heated hand grips/thumb. Prewired for Polaris's winch but easily adapted to a Warn - you just have to find a mount.

    The bad:
    Only have ~700 total miles on it and the Active Descent Control is toast. Dealer wanted over $700 just to tear it down far enough to look at it. Been running without it until I get a chance to deal with it.
    My opinion is that maintenance on the Po's is a pain compared to others. Always seems to take extra fartin' around to do the simplest upkeep.
    Not as good in the snow as my Honda Rubicon which is only a three wheel drive SLA machine with even crappier stock tires (hey, I have to live up to my alias).

    Of course in '09 Polaris did an XP version, somewhat different than my '08. No clue what they're like but sounds like they'd be out of your intended budget.

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    Default Another vote for Can-Am

    I bought two Can-Am 500 Max XT's three years ago and highly recommend them. I did a ton of research before I pulled the trigger, but when I added it all up, Can-Am was the clear choice. The longer wheelbase does a superior job of accomodating the extra rider, and even pays dividends in stability when riding 1-up. I've ridden with other riders on other machines and I've certaining been able to go places they couldn't because of the extra wheelbase. I also like the fact that the second seat can be removed and replaced with a tool box for 1-up riding, although I often leave the second seat on because it kind of provides a small backrest. All of that said, I think far too much is made of nameplate loyalty -- all of the manufactuers make good machines. Do your research and buy what's best for you. One drawback of the Can-Am is the headlights are mounted to the plastics so they point straight forward, if you plan to ride after dark a lot you might prefer lights that move with steering.

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    For a two up look no further than the Can Am Max. I've got the 800, three of my friends have the same machine. Believe me when I tell you, we've put them through their paces and would not ever dream of another machine.


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