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Thread: Thoughts on this dry top??

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    Default Thoughts on this dry top??

    Looking at cutting gear and lightening my pack as I have a couple 100+ mile treks planned this summer. In the past I have always taken a paddle top and a uber light rain coat on trips. I did this for two reasons 1)Being as I like the how much better a rain coat breaths over just a dry top 2) I like having a hood.

    This might be a good compromise between a dry top and raincoat. But ya know what they say about something that does everything good does nothing great. Sierra Trading Post has them on sale for $60 for men's and $55 for women's.

    Just looking to bounce some ideas of people here. Never run more than Class III stuff anyways and in conjunction with pants and a spray deck on my packraft ought to be pretty comfortable through most of the splashy stuff and having a hood on the rainy days with miles of slow Class 1 run to get to the next place to start hiking over to the next drainage seems like it'd be pretty nice.

    So thoughts??
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    Default yes

    that jacket is really similar to the one i bought from nrs a couple of years ago:

    love this thing, for the reasons you mentioned. i got this right before a six day trip on the copper in which we had coastal rain squalls and winds daily, and i was super glad not to have to live in a dry top for those six days.

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    Default dry top

    Alaska Lanche, That dry top looks pretty good and when you said that Sierra trading had them for $60 bucks that made it even better. I looked all over their site and could not kind them listed. Wonder if they sold them out already. Since retail is like $225 I was thinking of this one that gets great reviews with all the kayak fisherman. Its called the AquaSkins Phantom. ... AquaSkinz Waterproof Tops I'm wanting to get a dry top/ also this year and this one looks like it might be the one for me. Andrew

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    Here is the links to the jackets on the STP site:

    Well it looks like the men's version is now at $71, but still a pretty good deal for a $225 coat. I bought mine a few days ago when they had it 75% off retail.,...f-For-Men.html

    Also the women's version (which is the one I got my wife obviously) is only $55.,...For-Women.html

    Those other options look interesting as well.


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