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Afternoon temps have been in the high 30's to low 40's with the sun out most of the past 4 days. Overnight lows have been in the low 20's or colder.

Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

No new snow in the past week.

Trail Conditions:

Trails continue to be solid. No report of overflow on the trails, and if there is some it would probably freeze up overnight. The trails are rock solid in the morning. With the warmer temps and sun beating down on the top layer the trails start to soften in the afternoon. There is a second hole on the Susitna River down from the first open lead that has been around all season. Larry H. has rerouted the trail around the second hole, however some riders are still continuing to go near it. Remember to continue to stay along the marked trail signified by the green stakes. The open lead that has been there all winter has been marked with Caution tape. The trail still continues along the bank and it is highly suggested to stay close along the bank. Freighters are continuing to take loads of 2,000 lbs+ out along the trails.

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