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Thread: Waterfall powerplant

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    Default Waterfall powerplant

    Has anyone built a mini-power plant in the bush utilizing a nearby waterfall? Interested if this has been done.

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    Default water power
    this was the first thing I found while searching, probably not what most of us are looking for but still interesting reading.

    I had for years a page saved that was a little pole mounted genny, that looked alot like the lower end of an outboard.
    I have a small spring that runs thru our place and if I can someday spend more time or need more power than my two panels will provide I intended to channel up some of the spring with rocks and mount this thing in the creek.
    I was a simple 12 or 24 volt unit that if used in conjuction with a solar regulator would be real nice to charge batteries on days with limited sunlight.
    I'm almost sure in some instances the "law" won't allow such a device but our little spring has no fish as it has several water falls on the way to the river.

    Maybe this was it...
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    I saw a neat set-up using a 220volt electric motor set up as a generator. It was spun by a small water turbine. Water was piped through heavy plastic hose from a higher elevation into the turbine which spun the electric motor making it act as a generator.
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    I think the big issue is the simple fact that you will likely have plenty of sun during the summer and when you really need it in the dark of winter the water will be too hard...

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    Thumbs up Stream engine

    I too remember seeing an add a few years back for what I remember being called a stream engine. It was basically a propeller mounted on a generator shaft that could be mounted on a pole sticking out into the current of a steam. I looked into it but decided it was over priced for what it produced and it needed a pretty big stream channel.

    I must of been right cause they seem to have faded away.
    However a search turned up a new Stream Engine that works off a Turgo turbine with some pretty good low head output. They are spendy but if you could keep it from freezing up it would be fun.


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