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Thread: Unit 22 Spring Grizz.

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    Default Unit 22 Spring Grizz.

    Just about time for the bears to come out. Good potential for spring hunting out here. Unit 22 is Grizzly country in B&C book and plenty of opportunity to get a skull in that book. Even more potential to just get a nice hide.
    Services are available. Snogo rentals, B&B's in Nome. I think even some villages have B&B's. There are 3 public use cabins available in the area at no charge.
    Season is open now in 22a b, d, and e. Season opens May 10 in 22c.
    This is a weather dependent hunt. Especially 22c. However, with good weather and snow conditions, large amounts of country can be covered. The 22c hunt has some potential as a road hunt, again, weather permitting.
    This is not a "cheap" hunt tho. B&B's are over 100 per day. Snowmobiles 200 per day. Sled is 100 per day. Truck rentals are 100 or so per day. Gas is 4.50 per gallon.
    Bears can be out any time now. The later you hunt, the more likely bears will be out. Unfortunately, the later you hunt the more likely snow conditions will deteriorate. Apr. 15 to 30th is about the best 2 weeks available. The 22c hunt needs to be done as soon as the season opens. Snow rarely lasts long after may 10.
    More info available if you PM me.
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    Looking to make a trip next week. Same day fly/shoot caribou. Might have to add to our list of targets.


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