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Thread: stock carving?

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    Default stock carving?

    Just curious if anyone does any? I'm working on a pair of 10ga flintlock fowlers and plan to do some when things are finished being inletted.

    Would like to get a decent gouge kit, already have a few but not quite enough. Was looking for a good recommendation if someones got one.

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    well maybe someone might know of a good place to find some decent gouges for stock carving purposes? I have a few, but not quite enough sizes to complete most simple patterns.

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    I've only done a little, but that was under the guidance of an old time carver. On his recommendation I picked up some Solingen gouges, chisels and knives from Track of the Wolf. That's the first of four pages of them, and there's a set of 8 on the fourth page. They're a little spendy, but top quality.

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    Default Brownells

    I have gotten most of my gunstock making stuff from Brownells over the years. What ever you do, get top grade steel as the previous post mentioned. It will cost more but is worth it.



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