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Thread: fishing trip aug/sept: need help

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    I have an opportunity to plan and attend a fishing trip to Alaska. We want to come sometime in either August or September (for between 4-7 days). I have never been fishing in Alaska but have heard great things. I have done some research and found a few places that cater to visiting anglers particularly around the Kenai River and Kasilof River. Are these good places to visit or has my research over-looked some better spots to fish? What are some good lodging and guided fishing outfits in these areas? Any insight or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default August fishing

    Tank, the King salmon season ends the last day of July. Reds will still be running during the beginning of August, kind of late though. Silvers will be in during the end of July through October. I live within 200yds of the Kenai. It does have great fishing. Trophy trout are good then also. PM me and I can tell you more. I know some great people/places to fish at or with.


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