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Thread: Bear meat recipes....

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    Default Bear meat recipes....

    I'm planning on processing my own spring bear. I have a good sausage recipe, but I have no idea how to make the 'hams' any good. Can I crock pot them in sea salt and garlic or what? Ideas for making the roasts/hams tasty, begin now.

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    A good rule of thumb for sweet tasting black bear is to get one that hasn't lost its plug yet. We hang a piece of meat just out of reach of our bait station, then we observe for at least a week. the bear that isn't interested i n the meat is the one we take. The bear that tries to get the meat has probably been on winter kill meat (rotten) and you will taste it. bears that still have their plug generally have a sensitive tummy and aren't interested in meat. thats the one you want


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