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Thread: Throw Bag for Survival

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    Default Throw Bag for Survival

    I am interested in preparing a throw bag to keep in the Boat for “Just in Case” moments.
    I figured on items like fire starters, extra radio with batteries, SPOT, water and water filtration, smoke bomb / flair, food.
    Any one that has had some experience putting this together I would appreciate your input.

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    I suggest a lifevest. The situation that requires a "throw" bag may also be a situation that keeps you from reaching the throw bag. I got a Kokatat (msp?) vest a while back and it has two chest pockets. One of which an ACR microfix or SPOT plb would fit into. In lower pockets I have fire starter (wet fire), matches, lighter, etc..
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    I also keep one in my lifevest. I bought it from either REI or Sportsmans Warehouse. It's pretty small and fits perfectly in one of the pockets on my vest. It even came in a waterproof pouch.™

    But you might be onto something with having a more extensive kit in a throw type bag, if you actually did have enough time to grab it in an emergency. Most survival items dont weigh much. I'd probably throw in a good emergency blanket, a couple different fire starting items, mosquito spray, a whistle, some paracord, a pocket knife, a small compass, a couple energy bars, and a small water filter.


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