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Thread: Newbie to Alaska, Wats the best way to get started?

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    Default Newbie to Alaska, Wats the best way to get started?

    I will be movin to Fairbanks in mid March, and im a huge hunter, but i need some advice on gettin started. I am a big deer and predator hunter but i want to try to go after everything i can. I need some advice on whether its better to hunt on public land and wat some of the regs are, or to try to find some people with private land i can hunt on. Im in the army so if anyone can give me some advice on bringing my guns on post i would really appreciate it also. All my hunting experience comes from OK, so this is goin to be a whole different ball game. Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default not much private land

    You will have plenty of Public land to hunt on.. Most of the state is either in State or Federal hands.... We do have some National parks that are closed, but this is a huge place. For instance.. it is -40 below in Fairbanks, but at the same time it is +40 in Adak, I can hunt caribou in either at the same time with a 80 degree difference in temps..
    You can go online to the States Fish and Game site, and download a current hunting regulations book.
    You will find when you get here that many of the people you work with,, will be hunting also. You can buddy up with a few of those that have been here for a while and get out in the field pretty quickly. Its kinda expensive the first year due to residency, but if your in Alaska, its worth it.
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    what might help is if you pick one animal and research it and get it planned that way your not hitting a it with a huge brush stroke, narrow it down and finding information would be easier. once you have one animal planned out, pick another one, that way when the time comes you've got three or four hunts planned out and you can work around that.
    easier to answer a question like...what air taxis fly to unit 26 in august?
    or what time of year is best for spring black bear?
    rather than..where can i hunt?
    see what i mean? that should help you out some.
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