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Thread: Fishing info, please

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    Default Fishing info, please


    I am visitingTalkeetna and Denali in late June this year. I would appreciate any guidance offerred. I will be fishing with a fly flishing novice. Not bringing any equipment.

    Will consider fishing either by fly or conventional

    Recommendations on guide services, species available, where to go, etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Here is a link to Maheys riverboat service. $60 for a dropoff I think.

    June is Kings, and you will most likely need to buy gear for that. You can buy cheap and good enough gear in Anchorage (or are you going to ride the train to Talkeetna?). Sportsmens warehouse, Wallyworld, and Fred Myers are all available. Think a spinning/or baitcaster that can handle 30lb-50lb line. I use 40lb mono, but others use braided line. I like Andes line. Lures that are commonly used are, floating corkies (round floats that you put on the line above the hook) and yarn, big pixies (spoons) and vibrax's (spinners).
    Park Streams on the Glen Hwy are Weekend only King fisheries and can get pretty crazy, but you can catch some fish. I'll get you some info on them later (I'm getting ready to go skiing). Look up
    Montana creek, Little Susitna, Willow Creek.
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