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Thread: Fishing info, please

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    Default Fishing info, please


    I am visitingTalkeetna and Denali in late June this year. I would appreciate any guidance offerred. I will be fishing with a fly flishing novice. Not bringing any equipment.

    Recommendations on guide services, species available, where to go, etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default To get you started...

    While I don't have any specifics for you, here goes....

    There are guides in Talkeetna, though I'm not sure on the details at that time of year. You may want to start with Mahay's in Talkeetna or with 3 Rivers Fly and Tackle in Wasilla.

    In regards to fishing with a novice, your best option may be a guided trip for grayling off of the Denali Highway (east of the park). I believe that there is at least one guide that does trips in that area. Grayling are a great fish for novice and experienced anglers alike. By late June, spring high water should have subsided and the grayling fishing should be good. While they don't get huge, they are alot of fun on a fly rod in smaller streams.

    Maybe someone else can chime in if they know who actual guides trips for grayling there.

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    I don't have any real suggestions for guides, other than the aforementioned Mahay's in Talkeetna who's pretty well known.

    I thought there was someone in Talkeetna, maybe Mahay's???, who rented fishing gear, but I may be wrong. Anyone know for sure?? Either way, you can likely pick up what you need fairly reasonably in Anchorage.

    As far as salmon goes, Kings are going to be the order of the day in late June. The Talkeetna River, Montana Creek, and Willow Creek are popular king fisheries along the Parks Highway. Regs can be confusing - so consider yourself warned. Typically weekend fisheries only on most road accessibly streams. The Chulitna farther north supposedly gets a decent king run, but I know little about it other than that.

    Primarily grayling (and probably Dolly Varden?) further north off the Denali.
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