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Thread: Would like to know if anyone else would like to form a indoor air rifle club

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    Default Would like to know if anyone else would like to form a indoor air rifle club

    i would like to know if anyone else would like to get togerther and shoot indoors with match air rifles and pistol in week night shooting programs to break up the winter time cabin fever in a safe range Environment .. it was something i was thinking about the other day when said something on this forum about winter time shooting ..

    Useing the basic model of 10 meters for air rifles and pistol with standard range rules and pratices for the matchs ..With rifles and pistol shooters shooting side by side for fun shoots and little prize points at the end of the season with a little get togerther to give out something like small award or something ..all we have to have is a space that is 37.ft long-x-10.ft to 15.ft wide for a row of shooters on the line ..

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    Here is what i was thinking about the season starts in late sep time frame and runs intill the middle of april time frame ..With one night a week of matchs on weds night from 7pm to 10pm with pratice running from 6 pm to 7 pm for people who come early for pratice ..

    Standard 10 meter bulleyes targets ..course of fire-x-30.rds in 25 mins time frame and 5 mins to change out targets and reprostion the shooters on the line as need after every three matchs ..

    This is the idea behind the whole thing after liveing in Germany when i was in the service and joining a local shooting club there and this clubs are all over germany in every town there is some form of a local shooting club and it members take great pride in there club and how it looks along with have a place to eat and drink after the day of shooting is done with place to sit down and have a meal and beer and enjoy talking with your fellow club members about the shooting world..

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    I would. Name time and place.

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    What is your location?

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    Anchorage when i get back up there.. iam looking at something that starts around late sep time frame and goes to first part of april as the sesaon night a week

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    40 ft conex would work, put 2 side by side to get a 16 feet wide.

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    Default sounds good

    I don't have a location to offer, or even an air rifle of my own, but this sort of thing has appealled to me ever since I shot with a high school riflery team. Very cool way to shooting skills. I'd be interested.

    Having lived in Germany and played soccer there, I recall how well Germans know how to do clubs. Fishing, hunting, or team sports, they all have clubhouses like the ones you posted pics of, and a dedicated membership. Right now I'd settle for a decent place to shoot indoors without getting frostbite. Not having to wear ear protection and cheap ammunition (air and pellets!) is a bonus.

    The only downside is the price of the gun itself. From the little research I've done, it's not hard to spend over $1000, and even $3000 isn't hard to find either. That's a lot of dough for a pellet gun, but then again a good rifle will shoot .01" at 10 meters. If anyone has a line on a good price on a high quality air rifle, I'd be interested in hearing about it too. Maybe we could even get together on a group buy and get club pricing or something like that.

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    try champions choice they have some good deals here and there ..along with the price of my air rifle right now out the door is around.$.1400.oo plus any access items you might want give them a call

    range start to finish is 33.ft long the width of the table infront of the start of the range along with good lighting to see the targets at ..roughly about 37.ft long would do for a space ..


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