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Thread: How must I plan my backcountry trip to Denali NP ?

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    Default How must I plan my backcountry trip to Denali NP ?

    I'm planning to visit Denali NP for the main purpose of hiking and staying in the backcountry. I'd like to hear of your experience if you have done that.
    My main questions:
    How long should I stay in the park (also considering I must bring the bulk of my food supplies from Anchorage and carry them in my backpack) ?
    Which longer hike would you recommend, or should I consider multiple shorter hikes in different sectors ?
    Should I begin by staying a few nights at first in the frontcountry (camping at the park entrance, for instance) with dayhikes ?
    Thanks, Pierre

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    Okay. First off, when you get to the park, you'll have to sit through an orientation if you want to stay in the backcountry. You'll be able to choose a unit which you must camp in at night. You're free to roam during the day, but must be back in your assigned unit for sleepy time. You have to camp at least a half-mile and out of sight of the park road. You have to keep your food in a bear-proof container, which they'll loan you. Bring the most packable food possible. There's not really any hiking trails in the backcountry, most people stick to river corridors for distance hiking. The park bus will drop you off or pick you up anywhere.
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