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Thread: Hiking/camping and hitch-hiking along the Copper River Highway

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    Default Hiking/camping and hitch-hiking along the Copper River Highway

    I'll pass through Cordova in my Alaska trip in June. I'd like to visit the Copper River Highway up to the Million Dollar Bridge, camping and hiking the trails on the way.
    Is there any car traffic along this road ? Can I rely on hitch hiking (I'm ready to wait a few hours) ?
    Is there a tour company that could drop me at the Million Dollar Bridge for a reasonnable fee ?
    Thanks, Pierre

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    There will be plenty of car traffic on the Copper River Hwy all summer long. The road has to be completely plowed all the way to the glacier each year by the 15th of May. From then until the snow get's too deep to pass in mid winter there is nonstop vehicle traffic going out there.

    Plenty of trails to hike along the way and many places to camp both prepared sites and primitive locations. I recommend hiking up to Crater Lake (just outside of town on Lake Ave) and also Pipeline Trail to McKinley Cabin trail. Get a map of the trails once you get to Cordova from the Forestry Service Building. I don't know of any guide services that would take you out there, but you can rent a car at the airport to drive out. If you don't want to rent a car you could always chat someone up in town that could run you out. It's 52 miles one way from town so walking would be one heck of a trip!!

    It's a beautiful road though. Definitely plenty to see with both beautiful landscapes and PLENTY of wildlife. Bears frequently cross in front of cars along with plenty of moose and just about anything else you can imagine!!


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