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Thread: Dipneting chitner sat 20 mar. Anchorage

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    Default Dipneting chitner sat 20 mar. Anchorage

    Saturday 20th you have until 10:00am to sign-up at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage to give 3 minutes of oral testimony. It is your last chance to tell Alaska Board of Fisheries members to adopt proposal #201 to keep the Chitina dipnet fishery a subsistence use fishery for all Alaskan that choose to harvest their own wild food resources to feed themselves and their family. Each board member needs reminded that Alaskan residents come first before commercial fisheries interest by law. Read Jake Sprankle’s letter below, then go tell the members of the Alaska Board of Fisheries you want to know the State is making sure Alaskan families get their winter supply of salmon.

    Do you live a “subsistence way of life”?
    AOC and the Alaska Supreme Court says, if you are an Alaskan resident who gathers your own wildfood harvest, you do.

    Alaska Statute 16.05.258(b)(3)(B) says if there is a large enough harvestable surplus of fish or game to meet the needs of all Alaskans, but not all consumptive uses, then we are all in it together as equals participating in a Tier I hunt.

    That is exactly what the case is regarding salmon in the Copper River; where there is enough harvestable surplus to meet the needs of all Alaskans who choose to harvest a winters supply of fish. No Alaskan should be limited from gathering salmon when ten times that amount are being taken at the mouth of the Copper River commercially.

    AOC recommends that the Board of Fish (BOF) do one of two things when they deliberate on Proposal #200:
    1. Either defer proposal #200 to a future meeting of the Joint Boards since this will affect game as well as fish or;

    2. Amend the BOF definition of “subsistence way of life” to read;

    "subsistence way of life" means a way of life that is consistent with the long term use of fish and game resources, when available, to supplement the basic necessities of life.
    AOC recommends that the Board of Fish adopt Proposal #201 as written.
    It is in Alaska’s best interest to treat Alaskans equally when there is enough wild harvest available to supplement our food supplies. That is part of the reason why people have chosen to live in Alaska since the first people arrived. It is important that Alaskans who choose to supplement their basic food supply with salmon and wild game let the BOF know they want to be treated equally.

    You can review Proposals #200 and #201 regarding the Chitina dipnet fishery and obtain information on how best to write your comments to the Board of Fisheries (BOF) at:

    Link to the details in the legal notice:

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    In other words proposals 200 and 201 are just another attack on Alaskas industry.
    Thats right this not only is a direct onslaught on one of Alaskas oldest and most reliable industry its an attack on future tourism, and the indigenous sovereignty of a Native people. If these proposals pass it will be a dark day in Alaskas history, and a mighty step forward for the socialist juggernaut coming our way... Brings tears to my eyes


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