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Thread: How is Ruby and the McGrath area for gold claims?

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    Default How is Ruby and the McGrath area for gold claims?

    I can take a job teaching in Ruby now, or wait on something in the McGrath area villages to open up.

    So, thought I would see how Ruby is for gold and staking claims? All taken up?

    How bout the mcgrath and surround villages? One better than the other? I need something to work during the summer.

    Would be great to buy some land, but I know Ruby is probalby out of the question, but how bout mcgrath and the surrounding villages?

    any ideas?

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Go to this site
    Click on the little guy with the lantern & it will open an interactive map that shows current Alaska mining claims. Great tool.
    Vance in AK.

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