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Thread: Hunting around Ruby and McGrath areas? Moose, caribou?

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    Default Hunting around Ruby and McGrath areas? Moose, caribou?

    Ok, can take a job in Ruby now teaching, or wait on something in the mcgrath area.

    Any caribou around McGrath? Can I go east and get some on a longer trip? Is the moose shot out there? How bout the surrounding villages in the iditarod school district?

    Ok, then Ruby. Ive lived in Nulato, so know the river, but, with Galena, is it shot out for Moose? And caribou, guess I'd have to go to huslia, take the trail west towards buckland/koyuk? Or north a ways?

    thanks and I'm open to ideas? I really like these areas since I can get a gold claim....
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    The moose are still coming back around McGrath from being decimated by wolves and bears.
    They have a ways to go before it's opened up to everybody.
    They were having trouble with the moose in McGrath from the wolves chasing them in.
    No caribou around there also.


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