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Thread: how is the trapping in Ruby and McGrath areas?

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    Default how is the trapping in Ruby and McGrath areas?

    Ok, I can take a teaching job in Ruby now, or wait adn see if anything opens up in the McGrath area. I want to work a gold claim, so, that is why i'm looking at these two areas.

    So, how is the trapping around ruby? I've live in Nulato, so i know the yukon river and what i can do, but, how bout anything close by that I can hit on a weekday after school, but it'll be dark, so I can't go to far or on a dangerous river.....are there some of the flats I can reach quickly up the road out of ruby? lots of beaver near there? Trapped out?

    Also, how bout Mcgrath or one of the surrounding villages in the iditarod district? I would figure that mcgrath is trapped out for a 30 to 50 mile radius, but, that's my own idea? Other good villages in the area to trap? I like to work the lakes in the flats, or a river system that I can set mink/otter/fox/lynx all in one evening...of course on the weekends I can run a longer trap line into the Kaiyu mtns, etc...but, i gotta stay busy on the weekdays to keep my health up and weight down....

    Golovin was perfect, we had a wide, sweeping river that i could run at michael sucks since the river is like 25 miles away and then it has steep banks, short river turns and lots of open cut banks...can't run it at night on a weekday...and I'm not really a tundra trapper, does not interest me....

    hope someone knows something or has an idea of a good area to work...hey, heard that the lower kuskokwim area was good, any ideas on good villages?

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Did you take the job?

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    Default yeap, took the job in ruby..awesome!

    ruby is awesome! Nice town for whites to live in, everyone seems fairly well integrated, wtih a few exceptions, but, hey....every small town has it problems. Good hunting, lots to do with the road to poorman...i bought a 4 wheel drive truck so lots of fun with a boat...just need a snow machine! Trap lines are taken up, at least the close easy ones, but at least people are doing something here....the gold is hard to work though, at least on teh road, it's deep. On the rivers, they are shallow and you need a jet or go=devil to get up them to dredge, so i'll work on that next year.....
    Scotty in the AK bush


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