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Thread: Hatcher's Pass Conditions

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    Default Hatcher's Pass Conditions

    Looking to head to Hatcher's Pass on Sunday and was wondering if anyone had any advice or warnings. How are the conditions? High risk of avalanche? I am still pretty new to the whole back country boarding and not skilled yet on reading the mountain so any assistance would be appreciated.


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    The upcoming winds may have an impact.
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    regardless of winds, the snowpack has been minimal all year, and the sunny weather has been doing a number on what's there. when the "big" recent snowfall came (actually 2 snowfalls back to back) the first one dumped about 8 inches up there by my observation, which mostly blew away or crusted over with the winds the next day, and the second snowfall only dropped 5 inches or so up there, it snowed more in the mat-su valley floor.

    i heard from someone who skiied marmot just after these snowfalls that it was windblown, crusty, and disappointing.

    I enjoyed a ski on marmot a few evenings ago, but the snow wasn't anything to write home about. it had softened up considerable with the sun, but hadn't quite formed deep springtime sugar snow. stability seemed fair. slab avalanches seem unlikely but there are probably some small cornices waiting to go, and the snowpack was punchy enough with the heat that small slides seemed fairly likely.

    be careful. go with low expectations and you should enjoy it. it's been a few days so many things could have changed but a disappointing snow year up there to be sure.


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