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Thread: Black Bear numbers and successful areas around Pt. MacKenzie.

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    Thumbs up Black Bear numbers and successful areas around Pt. MacKenzie.

    Hi Guys,
    I know this is a fantastic resource to those who use it, and have had very insightful answers and help given in previous posts. Here is my dilemma...I took the bear baiting class several years ago, but have yet to actually try it. I know the key to success is primarily location and bear numbers, as well as being able to check your station very frequently. I have grandsons literally "frothing at the mouth" every time Papa mentions we may try it "next year", and would love to introduce new Alaskan born hunters with "Success"! It's like when you take kids fishing, you need them to "catch fish" so they remain interested...even in slow times and that the important thing is "just experiencing it", NOT just talking about it. For me and them to check our site frequently, it would need to be within about one hour of KGB and both they and I live near there. I have Polaris 6X6 to access the area, and was hoping someone may be willing to actually "share knowledge" as many guys have their "secret spot"...which I understand and respect. Anyone out there willing to "share"? Thank you in advance to those that may and good luck to everyone this year. Craig (Alaskagrizz) in Wasilla

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    Default Pt Mac bait

    The area you choose is not as important as you might think. I have had success pretty much anywhere I choose to set up. The bait is the key ingredient. You get them to come to you. Just make sure the area is good and thick, bears feel comfortable there. Seems to me that the more mosquitos the better. Pt mac has no shortage of bears either. Just stay off the refuge with that 6x6!

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    Default 1 mile

    The most difficult part of baiting is finding a site that is 1 mile from any house or cabin. Use google earth, and the borough GIS system to look for any signs of dwellings. Then to really be sure, find a buddy to fly it with. The areas you can actuallly set a bait station around Wasilla are getting fewer and fewer, and you'll likely have competition nearby. Your best bet would be to hook up with an established baiter, who will let you share time at his station.


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