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Thread: Anyone using Browning's XPO jacket/parka/pants?

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    Default Anyone using Browning's XPO jacket/parka/pants?

    I'm looking at buying the jacket, maybe the parka but would like to get some reviews on it prior to buying. It is breathable, and waterproof. Looks to be quiet too. 159.00 for the jacket or 219.00 for the 4 in 1 parka. I haven't decided what pants or bibs to buy yet. Any intel would be greatly appreciated. This is intended to be used on a sheep hunt, possibly goat and caribou and fall mooses hunts.

    Thanks Billy

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    Default Buy it

    Bought the jacket last year and haven't looked back yet. I put it over top of the Browning Down Jacket (OD Green) and it has kept me warm and dry in the most adverse conditions I can throw at it. I will definately buy the pants this season as well. Hunted up on the Yukon last year and it was a God send. Survived particularly wet and windy conditions. Also used it during caribou hunting on the slope. you won't be let down. Also, I have quite a history with Browning products. They stand by their items and I believe they have some of the best customer service in the industry. I had a bow go bunk on me. 24 hours later and about $100 for shipping I had a brand new, top of the line bow, with all the accessories I asked for. The bow that went under? 12 years old.... 'nuf said. Buy it. Buy a large so if you hate it, I can buy it from you.


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