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Thread: Deshka Landing Trails Report 3/17/10

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    Default Deshka Landing Trails Report 3/17/10

    Trails Report
    Please make good decisions based off of your experience and knowledge. Conditions change by the minutes and hours, so please use this information as another resource to help you plan your outing safely. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility. This information is for recreational use. This report should not be used to substitute for your own knowledge and decision making ability. The DLOA LLC and those submitting the information will not be held responsible for any losses, damage, or personal injury that may occur while using this information.



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    Afternoon temps so far this week were in the upper 30's with overnight's down in the single digits.

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    No new snow in the past week.

    Trail Conditions:

    Trails continue to be solid. No report of overflow on the trails, and if there is some it would probably freeze up overnight. The trails are rocksolid in the morning. With the warmer temps and sun beating down on the top layer they start to soften in the afternoon. There is a second hole on the Susitna River down from the first open lead that has been around all season. Larry H. has rerouted the trail around the second hole, however some still are continuing to go near it. Remember to continue to stay along the marked trail signified by the green stakes.

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    Heard of another sled going into the same open lead or the one near the one that took the life of Scott this past Saturday. This happened I believe Tuesday and the rider made it out ok but lost the sled. Please if going out being extra vigilant about riding off the marked trail if not familiar with the area. These open leads or soft/thin ice are not anything new in this area. If following single tracks and/or off the main trail be prepared/expect to find the unexpected. We have lost more sleds and people in this one spot this year then quite a few years combined for the whole Lower Su/Yetena river system. The guys that set the trail have been riding the area a lot long then some of us have been alive and know where the safere routes are. They also ride it daily and reroute the trail when they see bad spot developing.

    The bad part of this area is that most do not like gong thru the bumpy section and tend to ride away from the marked trail to get away from the bumps. Just keep in mind that there maybe a reason the trail is routed a certain direction.


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