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Thread: big bear front end issues

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    Default big bear front end issues

    Okay I am replacing a bunch of front end parts on my 98 big bear, I did the front wheel bearings, tie rod ends, brakes, and replaced torn boots, I pulled the half axle off to replace the torn boots cleaned and repacked the bearings all the bearing in the axle looked and felt good to me, I put everything together took it for a test drive and there is a clicking noise comming from the front left side, does not click when i push it in the garage to try and pin point the noise only when there is weight on machine and riding on a uneven surface.
    I jacked it up and grabbed the wheel and there is about 1/4 inch play in lower ball joint, (so I ordered a new control arm), The axle does have a little play in it but not much. Question is will a bad ball joint cause it to click? Question 2 If it doesnt click when you push it does that mean the axle is good?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Sounds like a cv joint on half axle

    Is it full time 4x4? if so then it might only make the noise when there is torque on it but not when pushing it and also the angle on the joint changes when weight is added.
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